Local woman who now lives in Wilmington, N.C. is staying put during Florence

    Callie Smith and her husband, Steven, chose to ride out the storm at home in Wilmington instead of evacuating. (Image: Callie Smith)

    Callie Smith is using Facebook live to update her friends and family as Hurricane Florence closes in on the coast of North Carolina.

    Smith is originally from Murphy, N.C. and now lives in Wilmington.

    In her posts, she talks about what she's doing in preparation for the storm and what the weather is like at that time.

    "Going live is the easiest way to reach everyone," she explained.

    Smith and her husband live about 4 miles from the beach and have a plan if the weather gets too bad.

    "We have a good plan in place with our neighbors their house is built up so if it starts flooding we'll go there," she said. "If trees start coming down our house is a little more out of the tree line so they'll come over to our house."

    She says they didn't leave town because she wants to be able to watch over their house and they have a lot of animals: 3 dogs, a cat, chickens, and an aquarium.

    "I'm going to be here getting the water out of my house if there's water. I don't know if they're going to be back for weeks. I don't want it to sit there with water in it," Smith explained.

    At 7:30 Thursday night, Smith was standing on a dock in Wilmington and all was calm.

    "It's just so pretty," she said as she showed us, over FaceTime, the waterfront near the bridge.

    But, she knows Florence is about to leave her mark on Wilmington.

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