Update: Headstones placed on unmarked baby graves in Dalton

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We first told you in February about how Amanda Jones, a Dalton teenager, was raising money to honor babies at West Hill Cemetery. You can read that story here.

Wednesday, after fundraising almost 7,000 dollars, Mark Howard with D&S Monuments and Terrell Stallings with the City of Dalton placed 26 grave sites by hand.

Many of the graves were unmarked since many of the families could not afford headstones, Stallings tells NC9.

Both men work frequently in West Hill Cemetery.

Howard says, "Having to come in and while placing other stones seeing that, those unmarked graves is just heartbreaking."

Howard says this cause was "tugging at his heart strings" long before they were able to start fundraising.

He credits Amanda Jones with helping get the word out. Although, he says he isn't surprised with the response they got.

"In this community, we are very giving. I knew people would want to help," Howard says.

There are more than 80 graves that Howard intends to mark, and Wednesday they completed what he calls just one phase of the process.

"We are doing it in phases and hopefully there will be enough money left over for future families."

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