Chattanooga fashion vlogger robbed in NYC after posting luxury goods on social media

Image via Taylor Goldblatt

A Chattanooga native said the personal items he posted on social media almost cost him his life.

Taylor Goldblatt moved out to New York City last summer to focus on fashion vlogging on YouTube and other social media. But he says you have to be careful what you post online - he learned the hard way.

"There was a knife in my face," he said.

"I was all bruised up. My shirt was torn in half."

That is what happened when he was robbed in his New York City apartment back in April.

Two strangers forced their way into his home through a second story window.

As Goldblatt's following grew on social media, he believes he attracted the wrong kind of people.

"They were calling me by my this name 'Tay Money,' which I use on my YouTube channel," Goldblatt said.

"So they seemed to know a little bit about me. They knew me from YouTube and they were out to get me."

Goldblatt gained popularity on Instagram by posting pictures of lavish goods, including clothes, shoes and bags.

Then he upgraded to 1,500 subscribers on YouTube

"I wanted to share my story," he said.

"I was sharing the things I enjoy purchasing and sharing what I enjoy doing in my life."

The two suspects got away with at least $50,000 worth of items.

According to the NYPD, they are still on the loose.

Goldblatt flew back home to Chattanooga a few hours after the robbery.

"I'm just so paranoid," he said.

"I keep thinking that they're going to come back. They're going to come find me again or someone else is going to come find me now."

He now plans to have a new approach to vlogging.

"People just want to see a more authentic side of me and not all this superficial stuff," Goldblatt said.

He has a stern warning to others.

"Really watching what you post online because you never know who's watching," he said.

Goldblatt worked in the fashion industry while living in New York City.

He hopes to move to Los Angeles to continue his career soon.

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