GUILTY: Jury reaches verdict in 2016 Labor Day double homicide trial

Image: WTVC


Late Saturday evening, the jury in the trial of Stephen Mobley for a double homicide on Labor Day 2016 found Mobley guilty on all 5 counts.

In compliance with Tennessee law, the judge sentenced Mobley to life in prison on both counts of First-Degree Murder.

Mobley will be sentenced for counts 3,4, and 5 on October 31.


The jury is deliberating as a trial continues for a double homicide that happened on Labor Day in 2016.

Saturday marked Day 4 of the trial. Attorneys used the beginning of the day to make their final arguments.

Stephen Mobley is accused of shooting and killing Jasmine Hines and Rashaud Taylor, and injuring another in 2016. The prosecution argues it was senseless.

"Jasmine Hines, dead. Rashaud Taylor, dead. Zirrshaddia Scott, shot multiple times, on her way to Erlanger," said prosecutor Kevin Brown.

"Over nothing but [Mobley] felt he was disrespected."

Prosecutors said Mobley was the only one with the victims at the time of the shootings. They say during a house party on Pinewood Drive, Mobley was denied drugs and was angry after one of the victims threw up in the bathroom and refused to clean it up.

"That disrespect that he felt he experienced all night long just built and built and built and was about to boil over," Kevin Brown said.

Then it was defense's turn. Mobley's attorneys challenged the timeline of events, including when their client checked into a motel.

"We don't know when Stephen arrived at Wanda Norris's house," defense attorney Steve Brown said to the jurors.

"[Prosecutors] want you to make the assumption. They want you to come to some sort of conclusion that he got there and she immediately got up."

The defense tried to push jurors to find reasonable doubt.

They a lack of investigating from law enforcement.

The person who lived at the house where the shooting occurred and a neighbor say they saw Mobley running down the street after the shooting.

The defense says law enforcement didn't check the camera from a utility pole that shows both houses to confirm that actually happened.

"[Investigators] didn't attempt to see if there was anything on that camera, any kind of video that could have filled in these blanks for you," Steve Brown said.

In a final attempt, prosecutors said Mobley got rid of a gun, clothes, and a cell phone after they say he fired 10 shots.

"That's a rampage," executive assistant district attorney Cameron Williams said.

"That is the perfect description for what he did."

Mobley is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and the employment of a firearm during the commission of or attempt to commit a dangerous offense.

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