How to stay safe dealing with downed trees

The owner of Lumberjacks Tree Service says people should cover their eyes, head and ears when they cut trees with chainsaws. (Image: WTVC) 

Chattanooga Public Works says its crews responded to more than 25 calls Monday about trees blocking roadways.

In some areas like Signal Mountain, many residents had trees fall on their property.

Lumberjacks Tree Service responded to many calls Tuesday, after effects of Irma hit the Chattanooga area. Owner Tyler Schievelhud says if you're going to tackle downed trees yourself, there are precautions you should take.

Schievelhud says you have to wear the proper attire. You'll need hearing protection and eye protection. You can even wear a hard hat and face mask for bigger trees. Schievelhud says you should also wear chaps to protect your legs from chainsaw accidents. According to him, you should always start cutting the tree downward from the smallest parts to the largest.

When it comes to physically cutting trees with chainsaws, Schievelhud says you should never plunge the tip into the tree. He says that could cause the chainsaw to kickback, which would be dangerous.

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