Hamilton County Schools to work with community for student success

Tim Hensley with children from Harrison Elementary. (L to R) Chase Varnell; Tim Hensley, APR; Elora Gilbert. (Image: Tim Hensley)

Hamilton County Schools say it plans to improve communication with the community to further the future of students after graduation.

The school system says it plans to jump start two-way communication with the community by using the new $125 million school facility improvement plan that was approved Friday morning.

Hamilton County Schools says Tim Hensley will be working with school system communications to begin building the relationships between the school and its community.

"To be effective in strengthening the bonds that grow into a community force for change, you must provide information about the schools as well as take the time to listen to parents and the community to build solid relationships needed to reach success," Hensley said. "With educators, parents and the community working together, Chattanooga and Hamilton County will be known for our successful schools and graduates just as we are for our rejuvenated downtown, vibrant arts community or scenic natural landscape."

Hensley has been building communications programs in education for 29 years. He has served in national and state level communication leadership positions.

"Tim Hensley has the experience in relationship building between schools and the community to build the partnership needed to reach our goals," Dr. Bryan Johnson, superintendent of Hamilton County Schools said. "Our community and its children deserve nothing less than to seek world-class schools that will provide a brighter future for each child."

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