Hamilton Co. School System receives poor scores in TVAAS assessment

Chief Academic Officer Jill Levine says Hamilton Co. Schools' emphasis on literacy has done well, and now it's time to apply that effort to other areas. (Image: WTVC)

The Hamilton County School System has received its report card from the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) assessment, and the scores aren't good.

Board member Tiffanie Robinson says the TVAAS assessment ranks Hamilton County Schools at the bottom of Tennessee schools.

"Overall, I'm completely devastated. I mean, I want our county to have the best school system," Robinson told NewsChannel 9. "Not just as a board member having that feeling of devastation but also a parent."

With children in the school system, Robinson says she is not worried for their future. She says she has confidence in Bryan Johnson’s ability to improve the current state.

School Board chair Steve Highlander was just as surprised at the scores as Robinson. "I was expecting two or three maybe not 5 but definitely two or three," said Highlander, "I was disappointed to say the least."

Scoring a 1/5 in 4 of the five categories, Hamilton county schools show that there is room for growth.

Despite the other scores, board members were excited that the county's literacy scores were the highest they could have been, and want to continue strong efforts on that front and others.

“We have to have a well rounded approach, not just literacy," says Highlander.

"While not letting up on literacy, we need to focus on all areas, and I think Dr. Johnson will be able to do that."

You can see the full TVAAS assessment below:

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