Hamilton Co. Commission to vote on how to spend school money

If the Hamilton County Commission approves the Board of Education's recommendations, Howard High School will get a new track and a new stadium. (Image: WTVC)

Next week, the Hamilton County Commission will vote on whether or not to approve the Board of Education's recommendations for school construction and renovation projects.

The $100,000,000 needed for the projects would come from a recent tax increase. The Board of Education would borrow an additional $10,000,000 from the county for the projects.

On Wednesday, Hamilton County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Johnson went before the Commission and answered questions about the Board's recommendations.

In addition to new school buildings for East Hamilton Middle School and Harrison Elementary School, and CSLA moving into a renovated Tyner Middle School, the Board recommended a number of smaller projects. (Tyner Middle School would move into Tyner High).

They include:

  • New Howard High School stadium and track
  • New Lookout Valley Elementary multipurpose room
  • Howard Middle School renovation
  • Lookout Valley High field house and tennis court improvements
  • Central High School track improvement
  • Snow Hill Elementary addition
  • new Normal Park elevator
  • Brainerd High School track improvement
  • Hixson High School track improvement and tennis court improvement

Howard High School's Executive Prinicipal Chris Earl says if approved, the projects will send a positive message to students and parents.

"This is a prime opportunity for our students and our school to get something positive going that generates a high level of morale," said Chris Earl. "Taking on something and being a part of something like that, It just shows the things that can get done when community resources are put together."

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