Four arrested in Hixson Sears shoplifting, $1,000 in stolen property recovered

Chattanooga Police have arrested four suspects in a shoplifting at the Northgate Mall Sears Thursday. (Image: Viewer submitted photo)

Four people are in Hamilton County Jail Thursday after police say they tried to steal more than $1,000 worth of items from a Northgate Mall business.

The Chattanooga Police say officers responded to a shoplifting call around 11:45am at Northgate Mall.

Once officers were on scene, they were told three people had tried to hide stolen jackets while leaving Sears and getting into a car waiting outside.

Officers were able to find the car on Northgate Mall Drive with the three suspects and the driver inside. Officers found and returned more than $1,000 in stolen Sears property.

Police have identified the suspects as Bridgette Fredrick, Anthony Starr, Kevin Owens, and Dillard Debardeleben. All four were arrested.

Chattanooga Police spokeswoman Elisa Myzal says the driver, Debardeleben, had a revoked driver's license.

Fredrick, Starr, and Owens have been charged with theft of property. Debardeleben has been charged with stolen tag, driving on a revoked license, and theft.

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