Apartment fire destroys roof, displaces families in Dalton Friday morning

Image: NewsChannel 9 SkyCam

A massive fire destroyed an apartment building in Dalton Friday morning, leaving twenty families without a place to stay less than two weeks before Christmas.

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Watch our midday report below:

The fire chief tells us the fire affected the 700 building, which contains 20 apartments.

Crews tell our crew on the scene that they had to rescue one person from a balcony. All residents were able to get out unhurt.

Park Canyon Apartments resident Tristan Barnette says he and a friend saw the flames and rushed to help.

"I was banging really hard on the doors, trying to open it if it was unlocked," Barnette said. "If they weren't unlocked, I was just banging"

Our NewsChannel 9 SkyCam captured the damage from the air later in the morning:

Firefighters say everyone got out quickly and safely, except for one woman who found herself trapped by the flames.

"Where she was, there was no other way to get her out, so they actually used a ladder rescue from her balcony," said Dalton Police spokesman Bruce Frazier.

The Red Cross is helping out, while neighbors like Rick Wagner say they're ready to help any way they can.

"The firemen did their job now we go about our lives and figure out how to help these people who lost so much," Wagner said.

There's still no word on exactly what caused the fire.

Viewer Revonda Bell, who says she lives up the road, sent us pictures and videos just before 7 a.m. showing heavy flames. She says she took the videos a little before 6 a.m. She tells as of 7 a.m., firefighters have the fire under control but the building is heavily damaged. She also said she has heard that everyone got out safely. NewsChannel 9 is working to independently confirm that.

Viewer Laura Wilcox also sent us video:

This video is from Griffin Stover.

Video from viewer Brittany Wilcox:

Depend on us to bring you updates as we get them.

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