FBI: Serial killer confesses to killing 90 women, including one from Chattanooga

    The FBI says Samuel Little could be one of the most prolific serial killers in US history. According to their recent report, one of his victims may have been a Chattanooga woman. (Images: WTVC, MGN)


    Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross held a news conference about a possible local connection late Thursday morning.

    Sheriff Cross said this break in the FBI's case is causing them to shine the spotlight on a cold case form 1981.

    The only thing found in the 1981 cold case that could be linked to serial killer Samuel Little is a skull.

    "The only confirmation we have is that he confessed to the killing and dumped the body in Dade [County]," Cross said.

    That is the only evidence Sheriff Cross says exists right now.

    "We're still waiting to hear from the FBI about what information, what evidence they have besides the confession," Cross said.

    An FBI report says its 'Jane Doe' is believed to be a black woman. Forensic scientists will have to use dental records to I-D her. That can take months, or even years.

    "It's been 30 something years already, so it's hard to predict," said Don Hicks, a detective with the Dade County Sheriff's office.

    That is not the only cold case. In 1988, a body was found on I-59 near Rising Fawn. But Cross says, Little has been cleared of any involvement.

    "That DNA did not match his DNA," Cross said.

    Cross said there are not any leads right now and asks the public to contact detectives with any information or questions.

    These two murders remain the only two active and unsolved murders in Dade County.

    Sheriff Cross said little is known about the early 1980s case the FBI mentioned in its report, and he says investigators are looking further into it. Cross stressed that DNA evidence has already shown that a body found in the late 1980s in Dade County is not connected to Samuel Little.

    Watch Sheriff Cross's full news conference below:

    Depend on us to keep you posted.


    The FBI says Samuel Little could be one of the most prolific serial killers in US history. According to their recent report, one of his victims may have been a Chattanooga woman.

    The report says Little met a woman in Chattanooga, and possibly killed her in Dade County.

    As he sits in a Texas prison for life, police work to figure out exactly how many women he killed across the country over a span of decades.

    All over the US, people are reacting, wondering why he's confessing to over 90 murders.

    FBI agents say Little targeted vulnerable women, especially drug abusers and prostitutes.

    Catrina Cabe says that's a life she once lived.

    "They know that these woman are vulnerable, they know they don't have people close to them, who are caring for them, who they are accountable to," says Cabe.

    Federal agents say Little - a former boxer - would knock out his victims, and then strangle them.

    They say one of those victims could be a black woman in her 20s from Chattanooga who was killed in Dade County.

    Cabe says figuring out who these victims are will be a challenge.

    "When you're living that kind of lifestyle, it's virtually impossible to keep up with a purse, an ID or a wallet or anything like that when you're focusing on your next fix," she said.

    Right now, there is no telling if the Chattanooga victim was a prostitute or drug abuser.

    In fact, the Dade County Sheriff's Office is still investigating if that victim exists.

    Until then, Cabe says those women that were confirmed killed across the country were robbed of a second chance.

    "It can take a single moment - not even a day, a single moment - to turn somebody's life around, and what he took from each and every one of those women is the ability to sit in a beautiful room like today."

    The Dade County Sheriff's Office will hold a press conference Thursday.

    Right now, we do not know what time that meeting will be, but we plan to be there and will update you with more details.

    The FBI believes there are two other victims from Tennessee: one from Knoxville, and one from Memphis.

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