911 call, search warrants to be sealed during search for missing Nashville firefighter

(Fox 17 News)

Nashville divers were called to assist with the search on Tuesday for a missing Nashville firefighter believed to be in the Tennessee River.

Jesse Reed was reported missing one week ago after his truck went into the river near Waverly, Tennessee. His truck was found submerged 10 feet underwater just days later, but Reed is still missing.

On Tuesday, divers from Nashville Office of Emergency Management returned to Waverly to search after sonar found a point of interest. That sonar point did not lead them to Reed.

At this point, there have been an estimated 330 crew members from 29 different agencies assisting in the search for Jesse Reed.

From the beginning investigators have called this case strange. Investigators also said his truck's windows were rolled down, which would have made it sink faster.

On Friday night, the HSCO worked with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Cheatham County Sheriff's Office to search two homes connected to Reed's disappearance. Officers searched the couple's home in Pegram and their river house in Humphreys County.

The TBI said they cannot release any details about what they found. The search warrants will be sealed while the investigation into Reed's disappearance is underway.

When asked about the search warrants, Sheriff Davis said it would be irresponsible for him not to use all resources possible since this is a missing persons case. Davis said there is no evidence that Reed is not in the river so they will continue searching the water.

Neighbor Joyce Dunaway lives near the Reed's property along the Tennessee River in Humphreys County.

Dunaway answered the door last week when Reed's wife frantically knocked on their door the morning her husband went missing. Dunaway and her daughter helped Reed's wife call 911.

"She just kept saying 'oh my husband, my husband' and was in shock, strictly in shock," Dunaway said in a previous interview. "She was in a terrible shape, freezing, barefoot."

She said Ellen Reed's shirt was wet and she told them that the truck went into the river. Reed's wife works as an EMT in Cheatham County.

Detectives previously said Ellen Reed was found in a ditch near where her husband's truck went into the river. Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said there had been a bit of a delay in calling 911 after the initial incident.

"Some of the things that happened in the initial onset were a little different to us," Davis said.

Sheriff Davis said they're not releasing the 911 call while the investigation is ongoing. Davis did not respond to the initial call and could not elaborate on conflicting reports from investigators about where Reed's wife was found.

"We've got to take care of it and prepare for that worst case scenario," Sheriff Davis said. "And those little details and things that we can't get back and undo the bell once it's been rung."

In the meantime, rumors continue to spread.

"It's really hurting to the family," Davis said. "I've talked to some of them. It hurts us in law enforcement and these firefighters out here because not only is it costing us man hours to track things down and listen, but it's something there's no need for at this time and point."

Right now, Sheriff Davis said it's about bringing closure to this family and the fire department. Crews will be out on the Tennessee River searching again Wednesday morning.

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