Desmond Doss legacy lives on through son, students

Desmond Doss Jr. spoke to students at Collegdale Academy on Thursday about his father's impact on him and others throughout the years. (Image: WTVC)

Desmond Doss Senior, like many American heroes, is buried at Chattanooga National Cemetery.

On Thursday, his son was helping keep his father's legacy alive.

Desmond Doss Junior was at Collegedale Academy, talking to students about what his father meant to him, and passing that inspiration on.

"My father built his character as a young person through trial and error, not everything went the way it should go," Doss Jr. said.

Desmond Doss Senior virtually became a household name when the movie Hacksaw Ridge hit theaters last year.

The movie follows his struggles as a conscientious objector in World War II.

And, how despite never carrying a gun, he saved 75 soldiers in the Battle of Okinawa, and was later awarded the Medal of Honor.

Doss Jr. talked about why his father's message of perseverance and love are still important today.

"His acceptance of people and compassion all came through a lot of steps, where it wasn't going so well, and I think that's a true, important message for young people today," Doss Jr. said.

The message hit home for many of the hundreds in attendance.

"I really liked how he spoke about his dad, and how he says his dad's an ordinary man, and that anyone can be a hero if they just do the right thing," Senior Calvin Servan said.

Others like Katie Scott are letting Doss' faith fuel her own beliefs.

"No matter what you're doing, God's always there. He'll always protect you through everything," Scott said.

The Desmond Doss Memorial Four Bridges Half Marathon is Sunday in Chattanooga.

Many of the Collegedale Academy students are volunteering for the event.

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