Dalton residents enjoy snowfall, hope for a white Christmas

NewsChannel 9's StormTrack 9 Meterologists say some parts of Dalton got three to five inches of snow Saturday. (Image: WTVC)

Downtown Dalton looked like a scene out of a Christmas movie Saturday morning.

"It made it like a wonderland out there," said Judy Price.

According to our StormTrack9 Meterologists, some parts of the Dalton area got three to five inches of snow Friday.

"This is the first time out," said Amber Brackett. "We stayed at home all day yesterday and just watched the snow fall. It was gorgeous."

Other neighbors did venture out and say they didn't have any trouble navigating the scenic streets.

"I drove from one end of Whitfield County where I live in Tunnel Hill to the other end of Connector Three and they treated the roads really good," said Price.

Some of Dalton's youngest residents didn't think the snow would accumulate as much as it did.

"In the morning I saw some snowflakes and said eh, it's probably not going to be that much," said nine-year-old Anthony, who lives in Dalton. "But then when I went into school it started snowing a bunch like wow, never mind."

Like many others, the snow didn't bother Anthony.

"It's just fun to play with," said Anthony. "It's cold but - It's still fun.

That's why some people say while the snow is pretty, they've had enough for now.

"I'm good with what we have," said Price. "I wouldn't mind a repeat for Christmas."

Watch the latest StormTrack 9 forecast here.

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