CPD: 2 serial robbery suspects arrested, 1 on the loose

Christopher Ray Johnson and Lashanda Denise Cummings face multiple charges for aggravated robbery and theft over $1,000. They also face federal charges in a bank robbery. (Image: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, MGN)


On Monday, Chattanooga Police announced that Alando Ray Johnson is now in custody.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


Chattanooga Police (CPD) have arrested two people they say were responsible for five robberies and two car thefts between May 30th and July 9th, 2017.

Christopher Ray Johnson and Lashanda Denise Cummings face multiple charges for aggravated robbery and theft over $1,000.

Warrants have also been issued for a third suspect, Alando Ray Johnson, for his involvement in four of the robberies.

The three also face federal charges, as one of the robberies was at a bank.

CPD robbery investigator William Puckett responded to three separate robbery calls the evening of July 9th. In each of the three robberies, a suspect held victims at gunpoint and demanded money.

The first robbery took place at the Dollar General at 772 Mountain Creek Rd in Chattanooga.

The second robbery took place at the CVS at 3600 Hixson Pike.

The third robbery took place at the Dollar General at 7345 Lee Hwy.

Investigator Puckett gathered information and told officers to be on the lookout for a Dodge Durango and suspects.

A CPD officer used the description and found the suspects and car in the Walmart parking lot at Greenway View Drive. Christopher Johnson and Lashanda Cummings were then taken into custody and a warrant was issued to search the car.

Investigator Puckett determined that Johnson and Cummings were also responsible for two other robberies:

One of the robberies took place at the La Esperanza Bakery at 5400 Brainerd Road on July 6th. A woman working at the bakery told NewsChannel 9 that a man pointed a gun to her chest when she got off work and then stole her purse.

The other robbery took place at the EPB Employee's Credit Union at 1500 McCallie Avenue on May 30th.

“Investigator Puckett worked 30 hours straight to put these dangerous people in jail,” said Property Crimes Lieutenant Craig Joel. “The entire team of CPD robbery investigators, patrol officers, and task force officers are extremely dedicated and committed to taking violent criminals off our city’s streets as quickly as possible.”

CPD and area law enforcement are still looking for the third suspect, 30-year-old Alando Ray Johnson. He has warrants on file for robberies committed in 2016 and at least four of these five robberies.

Johnson is a 5' 7", 150-pound black man with black hair and brown eyes. A picture of Johnson is attached above.

CPD says Johnson is a validated gang member, and consider him armed and dangerous.

“In cases where you have multiple robberies committed by someone holding unsuspecting, law-abiding citizens at gunpoint, it’s just a matter of time before someone gets injured or killed,” Lt. Joel said.

“Johnson is a wanted fugitive and is considered armed and dangerous, while assistance from community members is appreciated we do not want anyone to approach him, please just call 911.”

If you have any information related to this case or Alando Johnson, please call 9-1-1.

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