County seizes homes from Rossville residents

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Cody Serecky just moved into his home the first week in March and now, just a month later he might have to move out.

Serecky says, "I'm afraid if the county takes it.. I'm just more concerned about the fact of being kicked out when the taxes aren't being paid."

In Stoney Pointe Mobile Home park, there are back taxes that date back years.

Walker County Tax Commissioner Carolyn Walker says this is not a new issue for the property.

She says about 14 homes in the park were given yellow notices letting the residents know the home will be auctioned off by the county.

This "tax sale" is not new. In fact, the county has tried to sell some of these mobile homes before but no one bought them. So Walker says that the taxes just get added on every year.

Some of the homes which will be auctioned are vacant and in poor condition. Other homes in the lot are unaffected and owned by individuals that have paid taxes. Although homes like Serecky's are owned by a man named Tom Lacky.

We reached out to Lacky for comment but his office said he won't be available until Thursday.

Now residents say that they are being held responsible for taxes on their homes before they moved in. If the money doesn't get paid they say they will soon be homeless.

Serecky says he should have been told about the money owed on the house before he moved in. He says he would not have moved in if he had known about the debt.

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