Community remembers two of its own after teenage couple dies in house fire

Family and friends held a prayer vigil for the two teens killed in a house fire in Birchwood. (image: WTVC)

A small community where almost everyone knows each other; that's how a local church pastor describes the area surrounding Dolly Pond Road.

"This is the worst tragedy that's happened to this community," said Ken Nope, pastor for Birchwood Church of God of Prophecy. He's referring to two teenagers, Logan Kennedy (18) and Katelyn Woods (19) who died in a house fire in the area on Sunday.

"I believe Logan and Katelyn were both loved by all of the people in this community," said Pastor Nope.

Now their closest friends and family take a night to remember two of their favorites.

"If he was my son, I would be so proud," said Brian Stewart of Kennedy to the crowd in the church. He helped the pastor gather people to the church.

"Everyone deals with something like this in a different way," said Nope. "Some are taking it harder than others." Nope said the families are coping as best they can.

Since the tragedy, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has been investigating the fire. A spokesperson says there are no updates to the case.

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