Cold case update: Chattanooga man indicted in 2009 homicide now behind bars

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Police arrested 36-year-old Mallory Aunte Vaughn on Wednesday.

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We're working to get more details on what's next for his case. Depend on us to keep you posted.


A Chattanooga woman now has some answers as to who killed her husband nine years ago.

Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston's Cold Case Unit says this week the Hamilton County Grand Jury returned indictments of felony murder robbery and especially aggravated robbery against 36-year-old Mallory Aunte Vaughn in the 2009 homicide of Franklin Augustus “Kookie” Bonner.

We were on the scene January 16, 2009 as Chattanooga police worked the city's latest homicide.

It's the day Linda Bonner's life changed forever.

"I'm still angry, I'm still hurt," Linda Bonner said.

She found her husband Franklin on the kitchen floor, bound with duct tape and suffocated to death.

"I was just mad I mean you could have took the whole house, why did you take my husband's life, just ruin all our lives."

It's been a lonely life for Linda since that cold January day.

"I cried every day since," Bonner said. "I miss him so much."

Bonner showed us the last picture the couple took together, it was at a Christmas party.

"He was just a loving guy, fun loving, he loved to have fun and he could make me laugh," Bonner said.

They were married nearly 20 years, and shared happy memories with their children and grandchildren.

Despite what happened, Linda refused to move out of the home where she's lived for nearly 50 years.

"You took my baby but you won't be taking my house, we built this together."

The pain is still fresh, but she's thankful for answers she never had before.

"I'm thinking now maybe I can come back a little bit you know."

Watch a news conference about the case below:

All information about the case below comes from the Cold Case Unit's media office:


Linda Bonner returned home from work to her Washington Hills house late in the afternoon of Friday, January 16, 2009, to find it ransacked and her husband murdered.

68-year old Franklin A. Bonner had been left bound and gagged inside the house at 4707 Enterprise Lane.

A medical examiner determined that duct tape wrapped over Bonner’s mouth and nose led to his death by suffocation.

Bonner, a retired Chattanooga Public Works employee, was a known numbers runner in the neighborhood. He also sold marijuana and was known to have large amounts of cash.

Recent Developments

A member of the Bonner family recently reached out to the DA’s Cold Case Unit, prompting a review of the case. We submitted unidentified latent fingerprints to the TBI, resulting in a match to Vaughn. Vaughn did not act alone. Our investigators believe he had a 13-year old female accomplice. Attachments for the juvenile were filed in Hamilton County Juvenile Court last week and she was taken into custody this morning. Under Tennessee law, she cannot be identified unless her case is transferred to Hamilton County Criminal Court.

Mallory Aunte Vaugh is currently a fugitive from justice on unrelated warrants and we need the public’s help to find him.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office at 622-0022 or the DA’s Cold Case Unit.

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