Christmas surprise: Chatt. mother meets doctor credited with saving her daughter's life

Katlyn Watson & sister, Madison Lawson set up a reunion at Erlanger Hospital for their mother with Dr. Michael Carr, a pediatric surgeon credited with saving Madison's life after a go-kart crash 15 years ago. (IMAGE: WTVC )

It's a Christmas surprise 15 years in the making.

A Chattanooga woman finally meets a doctor credited with saving her daughter's life nearly two decades ago, thanks to the thinking of her two daughters.

Our story began Thursday at a little culdesac on Harrison Pike where we met Katlyn Watson & Madison Lawson.

Madison was seriously hurt from a go-kart accident when she was only four years old with her mother, Renee in the driver's seat.

Madison says she's blind in one eye from the trauma the accident caused.

"She blames herself because she was the driver in the wreck and she blames herself for me being blind," said Madison.

Besides that, Madison made a full recovery. But the sisters say their mom never had a chance to say thank you to doctors at Children's Hospital at Erlanger.

NewsChannel 9 surprised Renee at her house with Madison & Katlyn where she was blindfolded and put into Madison's car.

We followed them to Erlanger Hospital where the girls led their mom through a parking garage and eventually into a conference room.

Then, the moment these girls and their mom have been waiting for, a chance to meet the doctor that saved Madison's life, Dr. Michael Carr.

"When you see your baby laying there, you're thinking she's gone and then he steps in and he makes it better," said Renee.

But Dr. Carr, a pediatric surgeon at University Surgical Associates who was working at Children's Hospital at the time, kept reiterating he was one of a team who helped save her.

"Fifteen years later, twenty years later they would go to the effort to find me, I mean, that's unbelieveble to me," said Dr. Carr.

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