Chattanooga mother of 3 graduates from law school

Johnika Everhart graduates Saturday from Nashville School of Law. (Image: Johnika Everhart)

Johnika Everhart says her kids come first, always.

"My parents afforded me a great life so I want to be able to do the same for my kids," Everhart, who is 28, said.

That's what inspired her to become a lawyer.

After she had her first child, Antonio, she decided to go to Nashville School of Law.

"Why don't I just try it and if it's meant to be, then I'll do it," Everhart said.

For four years, Johnika worked full time driving to Nashville for classes for work.

Along the way, she gave birth to her daughters who are now 3 and 1.

When she had her youngest, she ran into a major setback.

"I had to have 2 emergency surgeries in the midst of still trying to have a newborn baby," she said.

But Johnika says she was more determined than ever to make her dreams happen.

Her mom, Mildred Geeter, witnessed her hard work.

"When I rode to Nashville with her a couple times that's really when I realized how challenging and she was to be commended because I was just tired looking over in the passenger's seat," Geeter said.

Saturday, she will cross the stage and celebrate.

She says she didn't do this for herself; she did it for her 3 kids - to provide them with a better life, and to teach them that anything is possible.

"I want any female who's a non-traditional female to know you are more than enough, you're smart enough, you're beautiful enough, and you can do anything you put your mind to," she said.

Johnika says she wants to practice criminal law or juvenile law.

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