Chattanooga Memory Project reinvents Chattanooga's history

The Chattanooga Memory Project allows Chattanoogans to upload their stories and memories of the city to a digital archive. (Courtesy: WTVC)

From how we get around town to the way we connect with others, technology has fundamentally changed the way we live out lives.

Now, a local company is partnering with the Chattanooga Public Library to change the way Chattanooga approaches its history.

"What if you could take an entire cities history, it's stories, what makes that city unique, and digitize it and make it available to the entire community from your phone a tablet or a computer. That's what the Chattanooga memory project is," Chris Cummings, founder and CEO of Pass it Down, tells NewsChannel 9.

The interactive app and website has been in the works for nearly a year and launches Thursday evening.

The app will allow Chattanoogans from all over to contribute their own memories to the digital archive in the form of stories, photos, and videos.

Those memories will then appear on a map for younger generations to interact with.

"For better or worse kids are born with a smartphone in their hand and the way they consume media is digitally. That means that kids today know less about their history than they ever have before because of technology. So we need to change the way we tell history. We need to make history interesting and retell those same stories but in a way that you can bring kids in," Cummings said.

Chattanooga is the first American city to take on such a project.

The idea for the Chattanooga Memory Project came from a similar project done by Singapore.

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