Chattanooga man evacuates Michael's path; Business shut down

Image: Camp

Emmett Camp had to leave his job behind to escape Hurricane Michael.

You'll find him enjoying a father-daughter date instead.

“It's always great to spend time with her, she's a joy,” said Emmett Camp.

After all, weekday lunches are a special treat.

“It’s unexpected but good,” said Emmett’s daughter, Rachel Camp. “Good to have him back and safe.”

Camp lives in Chattanooga with his beautiful wife and two kids. But every Sunday, he makes his way to his other home near Augusta, Georgia. That’s where Camp works as a contractor at Vogtle during the week.

But his Friday night came early, as Hurricane Michael shutdown his workplace, forcing him to leave.

“I live in a camper, and if a hurricane came through I didn't want to be in it, so that was my other decision,” said Camp.

The storm passed through Augusta early Thursday morning.

“They said the wind was around 45mph, all the way to 70mph,” said Camp.

Camp is hearing through the grapevine there’s no damage to his business or his camper. He recognizes others aren’t so lucky.

“You lose your house, that's a huge impact,” said Camp.

While this storm destroyed thousands of homes, Camp is grateful to be back at his. Holding the people he loves a little tighter before he makes his way back south.

Camp expects to return to southern Georgia on Sunday.

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