Chattanooga City Council passes city's 2018 budget Tuesday night

Chattanooga City Council passes 2018 budget Tuesday night (Image: WTVC)

Chattanooga City Council passed the city's 2018 budget Tuesday night with an 8-to-1 vote, and the question on many people's minds: "Will my property taxes go up?"

Councilman Chip Henderson voted no, saying that he doesn't support a tax hike.

Henderson told us tonight that the tax rate the city approved is higher than the certified tax rate the state sets.

Even though the approved city rate is lower than the current tax rate, Henderson says there is no convincing him taxes wouldn't increase.

"I've heard a lot of those comments before, I mean nothing that was going to influence or change the way I was gonna vote tonight."

Approving the budget also approves a senior tax freeze for elderly, low income homeowners.

You can watch the entire city council meeting here.

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