Catoosa County roadway closed for a week

Public Works officials said Baggett Road in Catoosa County will be closed for at least a week. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE: Baggett Road opened back up to drivers on Friday morning.


People who live on one Catoosa County roadway may find it a little harder to get out and about this week.

Drivers who use Baggett Road as a cut-through won't be able to. That's because construction crews are going to be out all week long doing repairs.

Baggett Road is a two-mile stretch, but parts of it are in bad shape.

Catoosa County Public Works Inspector Jeremy Bryson says something had to be done.

"We had some small cavitations, or holes in the road, that we noticed down around Acheson Court," Bryson said.

He says heavy rains over the last several weeks are to blame for damage to the roadway and the sewer pipes.

"It penetrates the sewer line and basically causes holes to form on the outskirts of that, so it would be a road hazard, so we would have to do it either way," Bryson said.

Joe Bullard has lived on Baggett Road for the last 30 years. He's glad they're repairing the road.

"It won't be so bumpy. And it makes it dangerous for it to be bumpy like that," Bullard said.

Bryson says these repairs will be much easier with school being out for the summer.

"With the way the rains hit, they kind of hit after school was out, so it gives us an opportunity to be able to get in and get the road closed without impacting the bus route," Bryson said.

Baggett Road residents will have to deal with some noise. But, Bullard doesn't think it will impact traffic too much.

"I can go either way to go where I'm going to go, so it doesn't make any difference," Bullard said.

Bryson says drivers will either have to take Boynton or Poplar Springs to Three Notch Road, instead of using Baggett.

For more on the road closure, click here.

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