Bradley County man says he was detained for recording police

The Bradley County Sheriff's office says it is investigating a deputy witnesses say unlawfully took someone's cell phone. (Screenshot taken from video by Terrell Parks)

A Bradley County man says he was detained while recording police activity at a gas station.

The Sheriff's office says it is investigating the deputy witnesses say took the phone.

Terrell Parks says he and his cousin Jermichael were at the gas station to get a Gatorade after working out.

While they were walking in, they noticed police questioning their other cousin.

"I said 'Hey are you okay?' He said 'Ya.' I turned to walk in the gas station, and the officer says to me 'So, you think you're tough?" Parks said.

At that point, Parks says Jermichael went back to the car to get his phone.

But, after he began to record Terrell says Deputy Dale Liner took the phone, detained Jermichael and told Terrell he had to leave.

"This situation was totally wrong," Parks said.

Parks says Jermichael filed a complaint with BCSO Tuesday morning.

James Bradford with the department says it's too early to tell if Deputy Liner did anything wrong here.

"We've just assigned this incident to be reviewed by the internal affairs," Bradford said. "There's two sides to every story. I don't know what happened before and I don't know what happened after."

Parks says no one ended up being charged when everything was said and done, and police gave his phone to Jermichael to return to him.

But, he and his cousin quickly discovered the video Jermichael had taken, wasn't on it.

Parks says, "I was like did you record? And, he was like 'yeah!'"

Parks says he found it in his recently deleted folder, but neither he nor his cousin put it there. He was able to recover it, and that's when he posted it to social media for everyone to see.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to several advocate groups about the video.

In a statement, the American Civil Liberties Union says, "The First Amendment protects our right to take photos and video of anything that is plainly visible in public spaces. That includes police and other government officials carrying out their duties."

NewsChannel 9 requested the surveillance video from the gas station, but the manager says he has to figure out how to pull it.

We're also waiting to see a copy of Deputy Dale Liner's personnel file.

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