Dalton teacher accused of firing gun in classroom out on bond

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UPDATE (Tuesday, March 27):

Whitfield County District Attorney Bert Poston confirms Jesse Randal Davidson is back in jail Tuesday.

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Whitfield County jail staff confirm Davidson is out out jail on bond.


The Dalton High School teacher accused of firing a gun inside class on February 28th has had his bond set, 'with conditions.'

Randal Davidson was scheduled to have a bond hearing in court on Friday, but Conasauga Judicial District Attorney Bert Poston released new details on Thursday morning about an arrangement made with his office and Davidson's attorney.

Poston says both parties reached an agreement Thursday morning about bond, which Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris signed Thursday morning.

Poston says Davidson remained in custody Thursday pending his posting bond, and that he coordinating the terms of his release under the order.

Under the terms of the order, according to Poston, Davidson will be placed on an electronic ankle monitor before leaving the Whitfield County Jail.

The monitor tracks his coordinates using the GPS system and will be used to restrict him to certain physical locations while on bond.

Poston says after that monitor is attached, a Whitfield County Deputy will take Davidson to the Hamilton Medical Center Emergency Room where representatives from Westcott Behavioral Health Services will perform an initial evaluation and make a referral either to their own facility or to another appropriate facility. Shortly after the incident, the Dalton Police Department released previous run-ins officers had with Davidson that suggested he had been considered 'delusional.' The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office also reported Davidson set his car on fire, and that deputies confiscated 3 guns from his home. But Dalton High School Principal Steven Bartoo told us that he considered Davidson "absolutely fit to be a teacher," and that there had been no warning signs in the hours before the February 28th incident.

After that, Poston says Davidson will be taken to the referred facility for additional psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Davidson will sign a waiver letting the facility report his progress to the court.

Additionally, Poston says Davidson will surrender any and all firearms in his possession and let deputies search his home for any remaining firearms. He'll be kept from going on school property or having any contact with school employees, students or the immediate families of any students.

Read the full order below:

Poston says Davidson could be transferred on bond from jail to the hospital as early as Thursday afternoon.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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