Bald eagle Eloise at Harrison Bay dies

Image: Harrison Bay Eagle Cam via Bear Trace Golf Course blog.

The sponsors of the Eagle Cam at Harrison Bay are saddened to announce the recent death of Eloise, the original female bald eagle at the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam project.

A post on the group's Facebook page announced the news on Monday.

The post by Park Ranger Matthew Vawter says he was called to a local landowner's property to find an injured eagle in their pasture.

The eagle had markings that told the sponsors it was Eloise.

Vawter rushed Eloise to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville's Emergency Veterinary Hospital, where she laer succumbed to her injuries.

An autopsy is now underway.

Paul Carter wrote this appreciation of Eloise online at the Bear Trace golf club's blog. He writes,

"We have, as viewers of HBEC, had the distinct pleasure of watching her care for her nest and territory. From watching her direct her mate Elliott as to where each and every stick should be placed around the nest perimeter to carefully and delicately rolling her eggs and feeding her chicks without the slightest chance of injury to them with her razor sharp beak or talons to protecting her nest from predators or other eagles that would like to take over, it has been a true gift to witness this."

The post goes on to say "Since 2010 Eloise has laid 12 eggs of which 10 successfully hatched and fledged from our nest to take to the skies and fly free."

Depend on us to keep you posted on the autopsy results.

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