A warning to parents from local leaders: Don't let your child be a bully


    On Tuesday, local leaders drew attention to bullying, especially as we head into Christmas break.

    The Hamilton County sheriff, the local juvenile court judge, the district attorney, and others all got together Tuesday morning.

    It was initially planned to be about school safety and social media threats.

    But as the leaders spoke, it was clear their main message was for parents to watch what their kids do online.

    A Hamilton County SRO who has been in schools for more than 20 years says bullying has changed because of social media.

    "We're not in the business of getting kids in trouble. That's not our job is to arrest students. Our job is to educate them and help them make better decisions. Now as well as the rest of their lives. That's really the focus as SRO," said Captain Shaun Shepherd.

    According to the Hamilton County sheriff, there were four threats to schools or students made on social media in recent weeks.

    He expects that could increase with kids spending more time online during Christmas break.

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