UPDATE: 19-year-old in custody on charges he beat 16-year-old girlfriend

Michael Ricketts is now in custody. (Image: Hamilton Co. Jail)

UPDATE (June 26th):

At a hearing, Whitfield County Superior Court Judge Scott Minter denied bond for Michael Ricketts Tuesday morning. He will remain in custody until further order of the court.

We also spoke with Cordelia and her father Tuesday morning. She remains at Erlanger, but doctors are telling her she may be able to go home this week. Cordelia says she is still very sore, but is feeling a lot better. Her jaw is wired shut, and will remain so for several weeks.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

UPDATE (Tuesday):

Captain Paul Woods of the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office says Michael Ricketts is now in custody in Hamilton County.

Ricketts is charged with aggravated battery and cruelty to children.

Ricketts appeared in Hamilton County court Tuesday afternoon for an extradition hearing:

We called Cheyenne Baldridge's father to share the news. He tells us doctors told him Tuesday morning they removed Cheyenne's breathing tube and collar, and she slowly continues to improve.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


A 16-year-old girl from Gordon County is fighting for her life in a local hospital.

According to the sheriff's office, the girl has injuries consistent with an assault. Capt. Paul Woods says deputies are looking for the man she was with when deputies found her unconscious.

Cheyenne Baldridge's family gave us a picture of her in the hospital Monday, bruised, with a machine helping her breathe.

Sunday, her aunt Vicky Baldridge says she got to the hospital shortly after Cheyenne was found unconscious.

"She looked like she was in a coma with her eyes open," she said. "She wasn't responding. she was trying to gasp for air."

According to an incident report from the Whitfield County Sheriff's office, investigators were called to a home on Old Grande Road for Cheyenne.

The report says she was inside with 19-year-old Michael Ricketts and his grandmother.

Cheyenne's family says she and Ricketts had been dating for 5 months.

Deputies say Cheyenne was bruised all over and had bite marks on her body.

The sight brought Vickie endless emotions.

"Helpless, hurt, angry," she said. "I want justice for her."

The report also says deputies found methamphetamine in the home.

It says Cheyenne and Ricketts were both showing signs they were possibly under the influence of a narcotic.

We spoke to the grandmother Monday.

She says her grandson took some bad drugs, but did not do anything to hurt Cheyenne.

Meanwhile, the sheriff's office says Ricketts is a person of interest, and they are looking for him for questioning.

That's why Cheyenne's family wanted to do an interview with us Monday.

"This will get it out there to where people can call Whitfield county police department and let them know where he's at," Vickie said.

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