SkyCam shows a snowy Chatsworth from above

Chatsworth SkyCam

Check out the view from a snowy Chatsworth from the air Saturday morning, courtesy of our NewsChannel 9 SkyCam!

We also caught up with people dealing with the snow as it started falling Friday in Murray County.

We met Steve Baird as he took his daily walk up Highway 52 toward Fort Mountain.

"They're slippery, the roads are getting slippery they're beginning to freeze down so I'd say another few hours it's going to be really bad," Baird said Friday afternoon. "I don't try to go off the mountain once this comes, I'll stay until it goes away."

We also met Linda Craig as she shoveled her steep driveway in the same area. As a certified nursing assistant, she said she had to battle the snow to get to work to care for the people who depend on her.

"Right now it's a challenge," Craig said. "It is beautiful, love seeing it come down but it can be dangerous."

Murray County Public Works Director Scott Witherow said six trucks were out salting roads Friday, and a crew will remain on standby for any trouble spots.

"If you have any trouble we will be here," Witherow said.

Murray County EMA Director Dewayne Bain tells us they are keeping a close eye on the weather outside, but also reminding people to stay safe inside.

"The issue becomes heater safety with us as far as the fire service," Bain said.

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