Walker County approves increased sales tax Tuesday

Tuesday, Walker County voters will decide whether or not to increase sales tax in the county by 1%. (Image: WTVC)


With a vote of 2,622 to 1,122, the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or T-SPLOST, passed in Walker County Tuesday night.

Read more local area elections results at the link here.


Tuesday, Walker County voters will decide whether or not sales tax should increase in the county. A proposed 1% increase is on the ballot.

"It's already too high as it is, honestly," said Matthew Hunt, a Walker County resident.

The Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or T-SPLOST would bring in $3 million a year. The increase would last for five years, according to Walker County spokesperson Joe Legge.

Legge says a quarter of that would go to the five cities in Walker County, funding transportation projects, like road paving. The rest would go to the county. He offered a breakdown of the funds:

  • Walker County would get 75% or $2.25 million
  • LaFayette would get 11.67% or $350,100
  • Rossville would get 6.3% or $189,000
  • Chickamauga would get 3.77% or $113,100
  • Lookout Mountain would get 2.87% or $86,100
  • Fort Oglethorpe would get 0.39% or $11,700

According to Legge, the money would be set aside and the county would take on projects as it comes in.

"More money out of my pocket, it's money that I could be using for something else," said Hunt, who does not support the increase.

Walker County resident April Solomon voted early and said yes to the increase.

"The county really needs the extra funds to do the roadwork," said April Solomon. "The roads are horrible."

Legge says Last month, property taxes increased in Walker County, and the county also tacked on a fee to pay a debt to Erlanger.

But some Walker County voters are willing to pay all those expenses and an increased sales tax.

"Yeah, property taxes just went up, so they don't really want to extra sales tax," said Solomon. "But that's the extra one percent gonna kill you if it's gonna help better our county?"

Walker County's Commissioner Shannon Whitfield will hold a Facebook Live session Monday at 6 p.m. to answer questions about the increase.

Polls are open Tuesday from 7 .a.m to 7 p.m.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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