Two new locations for early voting in Hamilton County

Two of Hamilton County's four early voting sites have changed this year. (Image: WTVC)

Early voting starts Wednesday in Hamilton County, and early voters need to know a couple of things before they head to the polls.

Hamilton County has four early voting locations, and they're usually the same every year. But this year, two of them have changed.

Collegedale City hall is now a site, replacing Eastwood Baptist Church. Also, the Hixson Community Center is replacing Northgate.

With early voting starting in just a couple of days, crews were busy Monday getting the Hixson Community Center ready.

"Voting equipment, computers, tables and chairs, all the stuff that makes it run," Hamilton County Assistant Administrator of Elections Scott Allen said.

Election commission officials also talked about the importance of getting those "Vote Here" signs out as soon as possible to encourage early voting.

"Turnout for a county primary election is typically 10-12 percent, which is very, very low, so we hope to get some local interest and get the voters to turn out," Allen said.

Two sites that have not changed this year - the Hamilton County Election Commission off Amnicola Highway, and the Brainerd Recreation Center off Moore Road.

Early voting ends April 26th. Election Day is May 1st.

For a list of early election sites and when they open, go to

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