Tenn. campaign spending breaks record; locals propose a change

Image: WTVC

The Senate race between Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen is Tennessee’s most expensive race. According to ProPublica, nearly $80 million were spent during the campaign.

NewsChannel 9’s Kiley Thomas takes to the streets to ask you how campaign money could be spent.

“With $80 million I’d stop hunger issues and house issues,” said Phillip Perry.

“There’s a really bad homeless problem so if I had $80 million I’d actually be able to help them help themselves,” said Cameron Haste.

“It’s a lot of money. I think it could be spent in a much better way," said Perry.

“I grew up with some things in my life but I know how it is to go without," said Donald Williams, Jr.

It's the most expensive race in Tennessee's history.

“Healthcare would be my first thing," said Maura Bradshaw.

“If I had $80 million I wouldn’t spend it on a dang senator," said Hunter Morgan.

“I think you’re seeing the worst sides of people instead of using it to make a real difference," said Haste.

According to ProPublica and Federal Election Commission, about $27 million was spent by the candidates combined.

Outside groups such as the Senate Leadership Fund and the NRA make up the other two thirds of the nearly $80 million.

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