Chattanooga community says Washington is out of touch with their values

President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey both called each other liars recently. (Image: MGN)

President Donald Trump is firing back at former FBI Director James Comey, after he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday. The President's attorney announced he will file a complaint against Comey with the Justice Department and Senate Judiciary Committee. During his testimony, Comey said he gave memos about his conversations with the president to a friend so he could leak it to the media. Comey said when he wrote the memos, he intentionally left out any classified information.

On Twitter, President Trump accused Comey of lying and leaking information.

Trump fired Comey last month. Comey claims his dismissal was because of the investigation he led into Russian interference in the election. The President said he made his decision based on recommendations from the Attorney General, and later told news outlets he would have made the same decision regardless of recommendations.

In a news conference today, the President said he felt vindicated by Comey's testimony. President Trump also said some of what Comey said was not true, and he never asked him for his loyalty. Trump said he would talk about all of this under oath. He would not say if there are recordings of his conversations with the former FBI director but told reporters they would find out the answer to that question soon.

NewsChannel 9 talked to people from the community about their take on the Trump/Comey situation.

"I really think that they're take away from what Trump is trying to do right now," said Candace Bishop. "I don't think that so much emphasis should be placed on it."

We asked you - who you find more credible.

"Trump," said Bishop. "Trump definitely."

"I would go with Comey," said Noah Turner. "I feel like, what does Comey have to lose now? His job is already gone. He might as well just be truthful."

"One is heads, one is tails," said Patrick Victor. "So I really don't think any of them are credible. They'll say whatever they have to say to save their neck and their skin."

With people largely telling us that Washington is out of touch with their values - they're not optimistic about the Comey/Trump situation - or politics in general.

"I don't think they care about what happens to the little guys in America," said Tommy Ellis. "They just want to sit up there and argue." m

"I think we're too focused on the money and need to perform ethically," said Turner.

"There's a lot that's going on that's never happened before and I feel like that's crazy and it's unsettling," said Ashley Arehart. "And I feel like our country is looking not really great right now."

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