Opinion: Investigation of alleged bank fraud by Jane Sanders should get more news coverage

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his wife Jane arrive onstage for a rally in Washington, Thursday, June 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Boris Epshteyn formerly served as a Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign and served in the White House as Special Assistant to The President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations.

    WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - It appears that Jane O’Meara Sanders, the wife of and close political adviser to liberal darling Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is in hot water with federal investigators. The issue is her time as president of the now-defunct Burlington College.

    Jane Sanders became president of Burlington College in 2004. She promised to turn the school around. As part of that effort, she had Burlington take on $10 million in debt.

    While lining up the debt from private sources and a federal bank, Sanders stated that there were $2.6 million in donations coming to the school. Only $676,000 ever came in. Burlington College crumbled under the weight of the debt and shut down in May 2016.

    Former Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., hugs wife Jane after standing with the Vermont delegation and asking that Hillary Clinton become the unanimous choice for President of the United States during the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Tuesday, July 26, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

    It has been confirmed that the FBI is investigating Sanders for wrongful statements in order to secure the loan. There are also allegations that Sen. Sanders improperly used his elected position to pressure the People’s United Bank to grant the loan to Burlington College. That is, according to a Politico report.

    You may not hear a lot about this story on cable news and the national shows. Case in point -- news broke on Sunday that a grand jury may have been empaneled to determine whether indictments should be handed down against Jane Sanders.

    CNN just happened to be interviewing Sen. Sanders one day later on Monday night. He was asked five questions and none -- not one of them -- were about this investigation.

    A Sanders family spokesman has denied that they have any knowledge of a grand jury being in place.

    Here is the bottom line: an investigation into bank fraud by the wife and close adviser of a leading senator and potential candidate for president in 2020 is real news. Let’s hope that it gets the coverage it deserves.

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