Friends and family remember WWII veteran Allen Crawford

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Allen Crawford lived an incredible life.

He was part of thirty-five combat missions over Europe in World War II. He was an FBI agent.

Mr. Crawford did a lot of interesting things during his life of 93 years, but you can't tell Mr. Crawford's story just by listing all of the things he did. A huge part of his story is the lives he touched along the way.

Allen's wife, Amalia, told me she received about fifty emails and letters from people who knew Allen.

"Always a positive mental attitude. An exemplar of honesty and integrity. Allen could always be relied upon for the sanctity of his pledge," Amalia Crawford read from the book she put together from all of those letters and messages.

There are letters in here from Childhood friends.

"Al and Den were the best of friends, more like brothers, from their early teens from high school and beyond," Amalia read from a letter from Allen's friend Denny.

There are emails from people who worked with Allen Crawford.

"In December 1978, I first met Al in the basement of the old Federal building in Miami," Amalia read.

Allen Crawford's story is fascinating. He met his wife Amalia in Florida, and they were married 28 years.

At that time he was investigating Medicare and Medicaid fraud in home healthcare.

But before all of that he was a bombardier and a navigator for thirty-five combat missions over Europe in 1944 and 1945. He came home and graduated from college He worked for the FBI for 6 years. After that he had a private security business and worked for Playboy enterprises. He had an impact on practically everyone he met

"He's kinda like that guy on TV, the most interesting man in the world," Vietnam veteran Larry Hester said.

The Crawford's moved to North Georgia eleven years ago and Allen joined VFW post 3679. That's where he met Mr. Hester. He met a lot of veterans there and he had an impact on all of them.

Dennis Mcglothin fought in Vietna, and he also did work on Mr. Crawford's home.

"You talk about honesty and integrity and all of that stuff he was the picture of it you might say," Mcglothin said.

Allen Crawford will be laid to rest in Florida on January 12.

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