Chattanooga PGA Tour Caddie's Insight into U.S. Open

PGA Tour caddie Brent Henley sits down with NewsChannel 9 and talks about life on the Tour and the U.S. Open. Photo: WTVC

The U.S. Open, one of golf's four majors, reaches the cut round Friday.

It's a lot of pressure.

There's a Chattanooga man who knows all about it.

Brent Henley, the younger brother of Kip Henley, is a PGA Tour caddie.

He's worked the tour for 17 years, mostly on the bags of Woody Austin and Robert Garrigus.

Henley's also walked the courses of eight U.S. Opens.

Rickie Fowler had the lead or a share of it most of Friday afternoon.

NewsChannel 9 sat down with Henley and asked what it would take to win this year's Open at Erin Hills in Wisconsin.

The veteran caddie thought for a second and said, "Obviously, you gotta be on top of your game that week. You gotta be stubborn, tough. I think anybody cna win the U.S. Open if you got your mind right, but you better have your mind right walking into it."

He went on to say Tiger Woods has an "electric aura" about him and is one of the funniest guys on Tour.

As for a prediction, Henley didn't make a specific one.

But, he's pulling for a guy with local ties.

For the rest of the story, tune into Fox Chattanooga at 10:00 and NewsChannel 9 at 11:00.

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