Video: Cleveland cop dazzles with red kettle dance moves

The Cleveland Police Department (CPD) posted on its Facebook page video that shows Officer Sean Bulow cutting a rug while helping to raise money for the Salvation Army. (Image: Cleveland Police Department)

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WTVC) - Walmart shoppers on Keith Street in Cleveland, Tennessee, got an unexpected treat on Monday -- a Cleveland Police Department officer dazzling with his dance moves outside the store - all for a good cause.

The Cleveland Police Department (CPD) posted on its Facebook page video that shows officer Sean Bulow cutting a rug while helping to raise money for the Salvation Army.

Both the CPD and the Bradley County Sheriff's Department are at that Walmart on Monday, and in a friendly competition to see which department can get the most money in the red kettle.

NewsChannel 9 is monitoring the Bradley County Sheriff's Department Facebook page to see if they have offered a similar, competing video.

At this writing, the CPD video has been shared hundreds of times.

If you can't make it to this Walmart to donate in person, and you'd like to donate to the Salvation Army this holiday season, go here.

UPDATE: ABC World News with David Muir shared the video on its Facebook page, ensuring it would go even more viral:

Cleveland Police Department spokeswoman Sgt. Evie West later issued a release saying Officer Bulow helped raise over $1,100.

"On December 5, 2016, the Cleveland, Tennessee Police Department participated in the Battle of the Bells challenge from our local Salvation Army. The Cleveland Police Department and the Bradley Co. Sheriff's Office dueled from the two entrance doors of one our local Walmart stores. Cleveland Police officers were scheduled to man the kettle every hour. However, the morning began with Officer Sean Bulow and Officer Russell Fredericks. After a few minutes of ringing the bell, Officer Bulow decided he would provide a little entertainment to encourage shoppers to give. Officers blared music through our patrol car PA system and Officer Bulow brought the crowd. A video was posted on our Cleveland TN Police Department Facebook page for our Facebook friends. Little did we know that within hours of being posted the video would go viral being shared over 10,000 times with over 800,000 views. The Salvation Army has confirmed a total of $1141.06 donated to the Salvation Army kettle on the CPD side in just a few hours today."

On Tuesday, Bulow told us “I know Salvation Army helps the needy and I just wanted to give back to the community and see what I can do to raise some money.”

“I said put some music on and people started filming it,” Bulow said.

Bulow said he never expected to get that kind of response when the Cleveland Police Department posted it on their Facebook page.

“I was surprised. I was shocked. I didn't know it would go that far,” he said.

Bulow believes his moves gave the department the edge they needed in some friendly competition.

Bulow said he's not afraid to dance and have some fun, especially when it can benefit the community.

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