Video: Mountain lion crashes through window, lands on sleeping woman

(Photo: CNN Newsource)

A mountain lion crashed through a window in Colusa, California July 4, landing on the bed of a sleeping woman before darting out a back door.

Security footage of the incident shows the mountain lion first colliding with the door of a bowling alley next door.

Confused, the animal turns and sprints towards the apartment building.

Though not visible on camera, the cat then smashes through a ground-floor window, landing on the bed of a sleeping woman.

Though the tenant was too shaken to speak with reporters, the building's manager confirmed the story.

"At first, I think she said she thought she was dreaming," Francis Muniz said. "It didn't seem real."

The Colusa County Fish and Wildlife commissioner says there will be a community meeting Friday to discuss the incident, KTXL reported.

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