VIDEO: Oklahoma man proposes while being arrested on felony charges

Brandon Thompson, 35, proposed to his girlfriend while being arrested on felony warrants. (CNN Newsource)

An Oklahoma couple is putting the "For better or for worse" part of its eventual vows to the test before even picking a wedding date.

Police body camera video picked up 35-year-old Brandon Thompson asking if he could propose to his girlfriend before he was taken away on felony warrants. Officers moved his handcuffs to the front, so he could put the engagement ring on her finger.

"When you're in love with somebody and you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you just want them to know how you feel," Thompson said.

The felony arrests put a major damper on Thompson's big day. His family was celebrating his July 4 birthday when officers arrived to arrest him.

His fiance pulled the couple's savings together to bail Thompson out. He was released one day after being arrested.

They said they will set a wedding date after Thompson's legal troubles are resolved.

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