Society of Work is office space with a community

Society of Work is a place for very small businesses and freelancers to work, but it's a lot more than just office space. (Image: WTVC)

Society of Work is a place for very small businesses and freelancers to work, but it's a lot more than just office space.

Society of Work founder Kelly Fitzgerald started with a career in Architecture, but didn't love it.

"(I) started to write a business plan then got laid off," Fitzgerald said. "It was one of those things where I might not have ever taken that opportunity if someone hadn't sort of pushed me in that direction."

Society of Work is a company filled with other companies some you've heard of others you will soon.

"Mozilla has a couple of people in Chattanooga. They work out of here," Fitzgerald said. "We have Round Tree agency which is a great marketing team as well as Perri Marketing. They specialize in software."

There are about thirty businesses in all with a combined seventy-five employees. They share small offices or big open work spaces.

"Everyone shares on this floor. We share conference rooms. We share a mailing address. We share a kitchen," Fitzgerald said. "We provide programming that allows people to meet each other. So we have member lunches ... member happy hours .. different things ... so if you are running a company and need contractor for what ever reason .... you need a web developer ... you need a graphic designer ... we hope that you can connect with someone here ... in order to find what you need."

They started in the First Tennessee Building, and now they are located on the sixth floor of the Edney building .

Kelly calls what they do here membership based shared office space.

"On a monthly schedule you pay us, and we turn around and provide you with everything you need. That allows you to focus on your business."

They take care of the cleaning. They have showers, locker rooms, an arcade, coffee and more. There you can find brand new start-ups, or small businesses that have been around for a while to college students just getting started in their careers.

"I say all of the time we don't sell space. We sell people," Fitzgerald says. "We're about this community here because that's the value. We can talk about space. We can talk about comfortable chairs and desks all day long, but that doesn't separate us. What separates us is the people and community that you find here."

Society of work is growing. The company is currently on the sixth floor of the Edney Building. The company announced this week it is expanding to the seventh floor and adding seventeen more offices.

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