Yellow jackets sting several students at Alpine Crest Elementary Friday

Alpine Crest Elementary says they have contacted the county about yellow jackets in the past. (Image: WTVC)

Several students at Alpine Crest Elementary are recovering after being stung by yellow jackets early Friday morning.

One Central Office official tells NewsChannel 9 while he didn't have an exact number, he said there were 'several' stung.

One of those, was Noah Nixon.

"Everyone was screaming and running and I got stung," Noah told NewsChannel 9.

Shortly after, Deidra Walker got the call asking to come to the school to bring benadryl to Noah.

"They called me back saying it had started to swell and I needed to bring some benadryl or something over for him," said Walker.

The school's principal said they notified each parent telling them what happened.

One mother of a student called us to say her child was stung in the neck, and the incident happened as students were walking around the track before classes began.

"I'm highly allergic to bees and she has never been stung by anything and especially with it being on her neck, if it gets swollen, god only knows what else could happen to her," said Denise Lamb.

The principal tells us this isn't the first time that an incident like this has happened, and that she has called the school system to address the issue.

"Unfortunately, this was not the first day throughout the beginning of school, we have had several incidents of stings," said Principal Norma Faerber.

Luckily, Lamb's daughter is okay but she says she's now scared of it happening again.

Students will stay inside for the remainder of Friday classes.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to Hamilton County Schools for comment.

Zac Brown, Assistant Superintendent of School Operations for Hamilton County schools tells NewsChannel 9 they've gotten maintenence calls to come out to the school about 2 to 3 times in the past few weeks.

He said the school has been quick to notify central office and take precautions with the kids, whenever there's an issue.

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