Tree crashes into Signal Mountain home, cleanup continues

Katie Hanners says a large tree fell and crashed into her son's bedroom Monday night on Signal Mountain. Luckily, the whole family was downstairs when it happened. (IMAGE: WTVC)

Too many calls to count.

That’s how the Signal Mountain police chief sums the amount of damage from the remnants of Irma in his hometown this week.

"It felt like an earthquake, the whole house shook," said Katie Hanners.

Hanners and her two sons are trying to get used to the sound of loud fans, constantly blowing inside one of their bedrooms.

This after a tree came crashing down right into their home Monday night.

"It sounded like, I mean, we laughed cause it kind of sounded like we're inside a rolling thunder, it was just so loud," said Hanners.

But instead of in his bed sleeping, her son was with the rest of the family, downstairs when it happened.

"I'm so thankful. I'm so thankful," said Hanners.

Signal Mountain Police Chief Mike Williams tells NewsChannel 9 the Hanners' home was one of six crushed by a tree when the storm came barreling through.

And in total, they got more than 30 calls of trees down.

Even though it's been two days, several crews were seen along the mountain, cleaning up debris and cutting down trees in front of residents' homes.

But for one woman we ran into Wednesday, Jay Dunn says she's up for the challenge.

"It's not like water is coming up into my house and I don't have trees on the house so what can I complain about," said Dunn.

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