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Update: One dead, two others hospitalized after boating accident in Marion County

A witness shared this picture with us. You can see damage on the front of the boat.


The TWRA says one of the victims in this crash, 62-year-old Danny Westmoreland, died Thursday, 5 days after the crash.

We are still waiting to hear what caused the accident.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


Three people remain in the hospital after a serious weekend boating accident in Marion County.

One man is still in critical condition after he was airlifted to Erlanger Saturday.

There was a couple in the boat with him. They are both still in the hospital, listed in fair condition.

The people who were on-board are part of what's become Cindy Greeson's marina family over the past 15 years.

"It's just devastating," she said. "No matter if your boat is large or small if you hang around the marina or you fish, you're just sorta a semi-family."

Greeson says the part of the water where it happened can be especially tricky to navigate because of how often these barges are rearranged.

"You have to be very cautious," Greeson said.

According to TWRA, Vessels parked inside the navigational channel on Nickajack lake are required by law to be lit.

But officers say the boat hit a barge outside of the path.

Mimi Barnes with TWRA says, "Any dock or moored vessel outside of the navigational channel is not required to have lighting."

Officers haven't determined a cause of this weekend's accident.

"All of the marina family has them in their thoughts and prayers," Greeson said.

NewsChannel 9 went to the office of the company that operates barges in that area. A man inside the front office would not comment on the accident.

According to the TWRA, this weekend's accident is the only one reported involving that boat in the past couple months.

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