Some Chattanooga Market vendors still struggling after opening day storms

Chattanooga Market's Operations Managers says about 10% of vendors experienced damage after storms on opening day. (Image: WTVC)

Some vendors affected by storms that hit the Chattanooga Market on opening day are still struggling to bounce back.

"There's been one or two that have had some difficulty getting their stock built back up in order to come back," said Steve Brehm, the market's Operations Manager.

Strong winds and heavy rain destroyed Debbie Blinder's tent opening day. Now, she says she's doing much better.

"One of the other vendors gifted us a new tent," said Debbie Blinder, who runs Full Circle Candles. "We've had a lot of help and we definitely have recovered from it.

But the Operations Manager says about ten percent of its vendors were affected by the storms in some way.

"As far as tents, we hauled off 30 to 35 broken tents," said Brehm. "And those are at least a 100 bucks a pop. But then we also had thousands of dollars worth of product damaged."

Mckenzie Delaney-Goldin was one of the vendors who lost her tent. She brought her goods home the night of the storm - but mother nature took away everything else.

Right now, she's working to make back what she spent in investments to be able to sell at the market.

"It's not looking like it's really going to be as much as I would have originally hoped," said Mckenzie Delaney-Goldin. "But we'll see what happens."

She plans to be here as much as she can for the rest of the season to pull herself up.

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