Road closures begin for St. Elmo drainage project

A photo from the NewsChannel 9 SkyCam showing construction being done for the St. Elmo Drainage Project.

Monday began the road closures for the St. Elmo Drainage Project. The city says that the St. Elmo Drainage project is going to fix a line underneath Broad Street to prevent potential flooding.

Local business owner Wanda Harp says that the detour is causing drivers to make a U-turn in the parking lot of her store. Wanda believes it is the signage surrounding the detour that is causing these drivers to use her lot. "They don't know which way to go so they have to come through here."

A customer of Harp's dry cleaning store had trouble completing his typical day's activities. Zach Ballard said "Just accessing the dry cleaners here was a little bit of a challenge." Ballard works across the street and worries what will happen the next time there is an interstate wreck.

"When there are wrecks on the freeway they usually come through here, so all those cars dumping into St. Elmo are going to have no idea where to go."

Construction is expected to continue into August.

You can view the detours here.