Rep. Palmer town hall: What the new healthcare bill means for you and your family

Rep. Palmer town hall

Representative Gary Palmer's town hall last night, ended with yelling and chanting from people who are fearful of what the future of healthcare looks like.

A lot of people are concerned about where we are heading with the new republican bill.

Something on a lot of people's minds, preexisting conditions.

Mothers, sisters and spouses all voiced concerns that if the Affordable Care Act is replaced, their family members insurance will be at the mercy of the insurance companies.

Rep. Palmer says that people with preexisting conditions will still have insurance and it will not drastically increase the price of insurance.

"I was able to get an amendment added to this bill that sets up a risk sharing program for three years. It will be a federal program that we believe will bring down premiums and bring them down quickly, " Representative Palmer said.

Some say prices for people in that risk sharing pool will increase because the funds subsidized by the government wont last.

Rep. Palmer was also asked about Medicaid, something he does not want to see expanded.

He said we are wasting too much cash on Medicaid fraud.

Rep. Palmer says the best things we can do for people's healthcare, is to get them good paying jobs with good benefits; citing the labor participation rate is lowest it's been 40 years.

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