Students & supporters unhappy LaFayette High principal's contract won't be renewed

Students & supporters pack Monday night's Walker County Board of Education meeting to learn answers about the job status of LaFayette High School Principal Mike Culberson. (Image: WTVC)


NewsChannel 9's Brittany Martin has learned that Culberson will not have his contract renewed for the coming year.

And that had many students, teachers and parents at Walker County's LaFayette High School upset.

The school board told Mike Culberson on Friday they would not renew his contract..

Students held a silent protest when they found out yesterday..

The school board held a meeting behind closed doors Monday night.

A lot of people showed up outside the meeting, hoping for answers, but they didn't learn much.

Supentendent Damon Raines says he did want to make one thing clear: Culberson's non-renewal was due to a personnel issue that has nothing to do with standards-based grading.

Parents are now asking for better communication from the central office of the Walker County Board of Education.


Many supporters tell NewsChannel 9 they plan to attend Monday night's meeting of the Walker County School Board in support of Mike Culberson, principal of LaFayette High School in Walker County.

An email from Walker County Schools Superintendent Damon Raines sent to NewsChannel 9 on Monday says, "There have been no personnel changes in the Administration at LaFayette High School. Mr. Mike Culberson is still the Principal; however, he is not on campus today for personal reasons."

One student sent NewsChannel 9 a video from LaFayette High School on Monday morning that shows a silent student protest on the football field Monday morning. The student also said he and other supporters of Mister Culberson plan to show up at Monday's meeting.

NewsChannel 9 is working to get more details about this story. Depend on us for updates as we get them.

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