Orange Grove Center releases more info about resident found dead this week

60-year-old Carrie Parkey was found unresponsive in one of Orange Grove's vans on Tuesday. (Image: Orange Grove Center)

On Friday morning, the Orange Grove Center released more details about the man who was found dead in his residence this week, Carrie Parkey, and elaborated on what the Center does and its policies for incidents like this.

Parkey, 60, was found unresponsive in one of Orange Grove's vans on Tuesday.

Chattanooga Police say there were no signs of major injuries, but due to the suspicious way that his body was found, an autopsy will be performed by the Hamilton County Medical Examiner.

In a release, spokeswoman Heidi Hoffecker says, "Orange Grove Center has placed a high priority on following the procedures and protocols currently in place by all agencies and authorities governing its operations and programs, including the State of Tennessee’s Department of Intellectual Development Disabilities. On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, upon learning about the situation involving one of the individuals served by Orange Grove, Orange Grove staff followed protocol and called 9-1-1; Adult Protective Services, and TN DIDD. As authorities responded to the call and began their investigation, Orange Grove staff complied with all requests, including those related to contacting the court-appointed conservator and the family."

Hoffecker continued, "Mr. Parkey has been a part of the Orange Grove family since 1974. He has at least one brother, with whom we have been in contact, and who we believe has been in touch with CPD. Mr. Parkey also had a court-appointed conservator who served him for many years and actively participated in his care and programming."

Read the full release below:

Hoffecker says DIDD investigations like this one typically take about 30 days, but she wasn't sure how long the Chattanooga Police Department investigation would take.

Hoffecker's release concludes, "Orange Grove is a special place made even more so by the professionals we have serving this population. We are learning from this situation and will apply those lessons to future policies and protocols to further strengthen our offerings."

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