Inside the Orange Grove Center; a Chattanooga woman shares her sister's story

Carrie Parkey.png

Chattanooga police officers continue to gather more evidence in the suspicious death of an Orange Grove resident. A Chattanooga woman says she's scared this could've happened to any client, including her sister.

Chattanooga police say an Orange Grove employee found 60 year old Carrie Parkey dead inside a facility van Tuesday afternoon -- hours after he was picked up to go to his day program.

This news devastated families of other Orange Grove residents. Tammie Howard says her sister, Linda Sue, a full time resident at the Orange Grove center. She lives in a home at the Main St facility with three other clients.

"There's usually one employee," said Howard said. "One is either going to meetings, or resting because she has to do that night shift." Howard says a third part-time employee helps out on the weekends. All who work to keep her sister supervised, because a job and a staircase at home, makes it difficult for Howard to do it herself.

"All she has is me," she said. "I do not want anything to happen to her."

Something happening is at the top of her mind after hearing about Carrie Parkey. Howard's sister rides those types of vans.

"It devastated me. First it took me to my sister; how could this happen? Could this happen to her?"

Howard received a voicemail from the center telling her what happened. Though it was miles away from her sister's residence, the fear still hit too close to home.

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